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Digital transformation enterprise solutions generally include which parts


Under the epidemic, many Hong Kong companies are struggling to maintain, and digital transformation is more urgent. Once a company can quickly achieve digital transformation, it will greatly help improve the company's overall governance efficiency and reduce the cost of the company's operating expenses due to the epidemic. Generally, digital enterprise solutions generally include 5G broadband, network security, and efficiency improvement tools. They use a multi-pronged approach to make enterprises more profitable, while having strong capabilities to avoid risks and achieve sustainable development.

enterprise solutions improve the efficiency of enterprise operations

How can we improve the efficiency of business operations? Traditional methods will only increase huge labor costs, and digital enterprise solutions can make things easier. For example, you can simplify your work through SmarTeam's integrated business process management tool, so that even new employees can get started quickly. Using SmartWorks can improve work efficiency and environmental safety, and SmartEvent is a one-stop event management platform. In addition, there are smart messaging solutions and automated processes Smart RpA that can increase productivity.

enterprise solutionscloud service function

With the use of cloud service functions, companies can obtain professional mobility solutions, improve employee mobility, are no longer subject to geographical restrictions, and can deploy jobs at any time. Through mobile call recording services, the interests of enterprises and customers are protected, while SmarTone Cloud can enhance the flexibility of enterprise business. Using a fast and stable network, employees can access data anytime and anywhere, improving work efficiency and shortening working hours, creating more Flexible work team.

enterprise solutionsInternet security services

professional enterprise solutions require comprehensive network security services. SmarTone can provide network insurance and security solutions to protect employees’ computers, networks, programs and even data, and to defend against online attacks by hackers. Through intelligent network security awareness training, employees are encouraged to pay attention to network security and build a human firewall. In addition, the program has a comprehensive network risk management function to protect the business operation of the enterprise. ST protect Enterprise Edition protects enterprises from data leakage and network attacks, and a new generation of firewall prevents enterprises from being threatened by network security.