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Mobile hotspot: we distribute the Internet safely


The access point mode allows you to "distribute" access to the network from your smartphone to other devices. It is safer than public Wi-Fi.

So, you are in a public place and want to access the Network from a laptop, but Wi-Fi in the vicinity is not visible. There is a way out - you can make your smartphone an access point that will access the Internet through a cellular network, and “distribute” the laptop via Wi-Fi. This is called a mobile access point, and a similar mode of operation is now built into both leading OSs - iOS and Android .

In addition to the complete absence of Wi-Fi, a mobile access point will help out if Wi-Fi is available in open mode, without a password. It’s not safe to connect to such open networks, since hackers often listen to the broadcast in public places , trying to intercept passwords and other valuable information transmitted through an unencrypted radio channel. Of course, turning on a long and strong password and strong encryption on your own access point is much easier than looking for another solution to security problems.

The access point should be turned on for the shortest possible time, since it drains the smartphone’s battery greatly

It is worth knowing that the power of a smartphone is not unlimited, so the Internet distributed through it will not be too fast. In addition to the restrictions imposed by the speed of cellular networks, there is a bottleneck in the form of a smartphone processor. Despite the gigahertz, it is not always fast enough to work in this mode. The access point should be turned on for the shortest possible time, since it greatly discharges the smartphone’s battery. If you need Internet access for a long time, immediately look for a charger.

Another difficulty is encountered - some operators recognize this mode of operation and block the network, considering it unauthorized use of communication services. Bypassing this problem allows you to connect a VPN tunnel, but this will drain the laptop battery even more.